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Big Band is a Vinyl expansion that continues to build on the base game of Vinyl and introduces the Window Display, Hits Chart, and a new way to form collections. Historically, 78s and 33s were competing formats and available to purchase in the record store. In BB, players will focus on collecting albums from two genres -- Swing and Jazz. Players will acquire albums in two different speeds from up to 8 different band leaders. With respect to speeds, there are benefits in collecting 78s since they are worth slightly more than the 33s. However, the 33s offer collection powers to entice players to collect them instead. Furthermore, the rules for collecting albums are stripped down to just matching the genres. However, players must visit the front counter in order to earn collection rewards. To turn in a collection, the player must represent each of the four instruments in one genre. Depending on how many matches there are in the attributes will dictate what type of collection reward they will earn. Play continues until all the albums have been placed into the store. The player with the most points, in the end, is the winner.

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