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Ultimate Voyage – Final Quest of the Treasure Fleet

Ultimate Voyage - Final Quest of the Treasure Fleet details

Ultimate Voyage - Final Quest of the Treasure Fleet overview

âš“ Journey back to 1431 AD, Ming China, and stand alongside Admiral Zheng He in the grand expeditions that once enforced the Ming tributary system. The seas have been silent for nearly a decade, dissent whispers through the court, but can you seize this last opportunity to craft the most captivating tale of your travels?

Ultimate Voyage is a thematic exploration game where players sail, trade, negotiate in diplomacy, combat, build, and explore on the final voyage of the greatest explorer from East Asia, Zheng He.

Distinct Features of the Game

Rich Historical Theme - Explore 16 historical ports across 7 distinct regions, through authentic monsoon wind patterns and historical events. Each port has its own iconic landmark and offers unique trade goods, knowledge, encounters, and changing affiliations with the Ming Empire.
Asymmetric Player Powers - Players choose from one of six characters, each with a unique backstory, abilities, and starting resources, encouraging diverse strategies and interactions.
Friend or Foe - Players are captains of the same fleet. Negotiate sailing routes, decide whether to collaborate against mighty adversaries, or would you sabotage others for personal gain?
Random Setups - Customize each game with randomized events, knowledge, and starting locations to ensure that no two games are the same.
Equitable Dice Mechanics - Every round, three deity dice, symbolizing the diverse faiths of the crew, are rolled. Casting fate across all players uniformly, balancing risk and strategy for everyone.
Risk Management - Do you forge ahead to explore, cautiously observe from behind, or strategically return to Nanjing early to contribute to the Porcelain Tower’s construction?
Multiple End Game Triggers - Game lasts for 7-9 rounds (21-27 actions) for the full game. Players must stay vigilant for opponents' moves and unpredictable events that could precipitate the end.
Multiple Paths to Victory - Earn Victory Points through amassing prestige and profit, achieving objectives, crafting the best travelogs in each region, and building the Porcelain Tower. Success requires delicate balancing of intricate demands within the royal court.
Quick Game and Solo Mode - Enjoy a shorter game (4 round, 12 actions), or a solo challenge in which you assume the role of Admiral Zheng He himself, competing against an automated European explorer, Niccolò de' Conti.

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