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The Sackson Legacy Collection: Blue

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A collection of three games pulled from the design notebooks and older releases of designer Sid Sackson.

I'm the Boss: The Dice Game sees players negotiating deals with each other in order to earn the most money. Players will be rolling dice to attempt to become experts in various subject fields and to become the Boss of deals for increasing values of cash. Experts can offer their services to complete a deal for whatever fee they can negotiate with the current Boss, or play cards to affect the outcome of a deal. Whenever a deal is reached, the Boss pays out their agreed-upon money to all who contributed to the deal, and the game ends after 8 deals have been completed. The richest player wins!

Banana Blitz is a trick-taking card game similar to Hearts where players are working to avoid taking Banana cards, but must be careful not to let any one player collect too many in a single hand, lest everyone else suffer a penalty. In addition a small set of Trump cards (that count as Bananas for the purposes of scoring) and two special cards mix up gameplay and force players to think on their feet.

Scope is a game where players compete to try and cross off the most boxes on a grid of numbers, with each player getting an identical grid and using the same set of cards to cross them off. A deck of 20 cards numbered 1-20 are shuffled and five removed at random, and each time a card is flipped players can cross off either a single box matching the number of the card or multiple boxes that sum up to the number, provided they are all vertically/horizontally adjacent. The player who has crossed off the most boxes after all 15 cards have been flipped wins!

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