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In this age of alternative facts, what better game to play than The Game of Lies, a trivia party game where everything is based on bull***t? But these aren't your normal, boring quiz questions – in this game, you have to sort out fake news from fact, sneak a fib past other players, or spot which unbelievable-sounding reality TV show isn't real.

Correctly answer questions across three categories in order to reach the center of the game board, and successfully bluff your way to victory! The categories are:

False Memories: Spot the fake from three ludicrous-sounding entries such as reality TV shows, dating shows, made-for-TV movies, game shows, songs, and more. They're all unbelievable, but only one is actually made up by us.
Fake News: the questions are written like news stories except they contain an intentional error. You have 60 seconds to sniff out the mistake across genres like film, music, arts & literature, history, and sport.
Fact or Fib: the opposing player either reads out the TRUE surprising fact printed on the card or LIES and changes the highlighted part. Using your powers of deduction, you have to guess whether the player is telling you a fact or fibbing!

Plus All Play cards where other players have to come up with the fake answers, and you can even lie about how many spaces you move on the game board!

—description from the designer

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The Game of Lies Game Review

If you enjoy spreading a bit of fake news, and your group loves trivia, then Game of Lies might be right up your alley. Read our review of Game of Lies to find...

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