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The Baton Races of Yaz

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Published in issue #82 of Dragon Magazine, Feb 1984. Republished as part of a boxed set: The Best of Dragon Magazine Games in 1990

The Baton Races of Yaz is played by two teams of Skadingles, Flibdills, Tarnoses and Luggants. The team that breaks all its bulges with its baton in the shortest time is the winner.

Each side has 2 batons, 5 Skadingles, 5 Flibdills, 5 Tarnoses, 8 Luggants and 10 Bulges

The game consists of a setting phase, when the bulges are placed on the map, and a movement phase.

Skadingles are fast but can only move through mud (clear).
Flibdills are slower but can move through mud and muck
Tarnoses are slower again and can travel through all 3 kinds of terrain.
Luggants are the slowest, can move through all 3 kinds of terrain, may not carry the baton, and can throttle opposing Yazzites.

The interesting mechanic is that the baton may be passed from one Yazzite to another with no movement penalty - allowing long moves.

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