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T2029: The Official Terminator 2 Board Game

T2029: The Official Terminator 2 Board Game details

T2029: The Official Terminator 2 Board Game overview

T2029 is an intense cooperative game where players must coordinate the efforts of Resistance to defeat Skynet in the future to send back a protector for John Connor in the past. The game will play in approximately 90 minutes and will explore the future world glimpsed in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, revealing the final days in the war against the Machines.

Players take the roles of commanders in John Connor’s Resistance during the last days of the war against Skynet in 2029. Tasked with holding back the machines long enough for John Connor’s assault team to reach Skynet’s Central Command, players must manage the conflict on multiple fronts. Combat, sabotage and gaining access to Skynet’s Defence Grid all play a part in achieving success. But in order to save the future, you must also save the past by reprogramming a T-800 Terminator to protect John against the advanced T-1000 in 1995.

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