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Statera is a double-asymmetric strategy game with a huge amount of replayability.

Statera is a double-asymmetric strategy game with real scales. Its stories give players a lot of replayability and modular game map new experiences for each game. Become a leader of a Statera nation or a powerful God, fight for the territory, balance your believers, gather souls, and experience all of Statera's stories.

You can pick a different story for each game to determine the basic game's setup, get a richer experience, and learn more about the game world's story. By choosing to play for the nations of Statera or their gods you can also select the game's difficulty and the game's length.

In the Statera you will play as one of the nations of Statera or their God. The game is double-asymmetric. The first asymmetry comes from the difference between Gods and Staterans, second, there is an asymmetry between the factions. Some rules and patterns apply to the whole game, some only for Gods or Staterans, and some rules are specific to the faction.

The game is story-based. Each story tells a tale from the land of Statera and through that, it defines a number of players, unique victory conditions, setup, and some small rule adjustments. It basically means that each story, when played, feels like a different game.

The scale rising above the game board is a big part of Statera - the game and the world. The Stories already created for the game, are using the scale to count souls, balance them, lean towards a specific campsite, or take souls away from it. This component is simply crucial to play the game!

The important question is - Are you a brave Stateran, or a mighty god? It is time to lean the scale in your favor!

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