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Royal Punks

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The king is dead, blown to pieces. Who's behind it? Not important! What's important now is who gets the dead king's crown. You take the role as one of the royal family members, AKA the Royal Punks, and your goal is to outsmart your opponents and take the crown for yourself.

There are three ways to win:

1) Defeat the other players
2) Control the 5 cities of the Kingdom
3) Level up your Royal Punk

The game is turn-based and every turn consists of two steps:

a) Collection of resources

b) Action
- buying new production, military units and Power cards
- moving your military units, and moving into enemy territory means battle

Royal Punks is an aggressive strategy game with brutal battles where you might end up in chains or even dead. Player interaction is high as multiple players can participate in the same fight.

To win you must be strategic and manage your resources, position yourself wisely and strike on the basis of probability. But first and foremost, you must be active and adaptable - your opponents are also going for the win!

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