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It is 430 B.C, the era of the Peloponnes war. Hit by famine and plague, the different cities of Greece tries to gain the favor of the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus by offering them the most attractive sumptuous ritual sacrifice.

The game consists of three phases.
Firstly : the bidding phase. Players would have to recruit different offerings/materials necessary for the ritual of sacrifice through bidding. Players will need to out-bid each other to obtain the materials/offerings.

Secondly : the corruption phase. The corruption phase is another way of obtaining the most important offerings/materials needed for your ritual by stealing them from your opponents.

Last but not least : the ritual sacrifice. This is your time to gain the favor of the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus. During the ritual sacrifice, you honor the Olympus Gods by offering them the most sumptuous sacrifice and gain devotion points from them. But beware, towards the end of the game, as the number of altars available in the temple becomes less… players will need to out-wit their opponents to gain the favors of the Gods by offering the most sumptuous ritual sacrifice they can possibly offer before all of the altar runs out. And only one will gain the favor of the Gods.

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