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Moody Bear Kingdom

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The throne of Moody Bear Kingdom has been left empty for thousands of years. Many bears have fought for their rights to claim the throne, but those bears do not have enough power to sit on the throne. There has been a rumor about the legendary items that can be combined to give the owner overwhelming magical power. No one at the present has a chance to see it.
One day, a sorcerer of the Moody Bear has foreseen the monster coming. Its name is Dark Swallow which is the henchman of the Dark Night villain. A Monster that consumes everything in its path. The Moody Bear council has launched an order for a new bear generation to form the teams to seek for the items before it is too late to stop the tragedy

Game Play
Players take turn and try their best to get all the objective cards. There are 3 teams (Blue, Red, and Dark night). The Dark night objective is to intervene other team until Dark Swallow come out. Players can combine card to gain advantages and find a teammate before it is too late!

—description from the designer

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