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Class is now in session for Lab Notes! This roll-and-write game features the brain teaser challenge of putting together chemical bonds. Each round, a player rolls all the elemental dice for Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon, or a useful but dangerous Bunsen Burner. The rolling player chooses their element first, leaving the rest of the table to scratch their heads to fit the remainder within their lab notes.

Elements now in hand, the players choose where to keep their elements. They can notate in the research field or trash them for some added benefits, later. Combine elements based on the real rules of chemistry! Double and triple bonds are worth more, but you can only bond with elements near each other and as they’re written.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about what bonds work where. There are handy-dandy notecards outlining real, actual chemicals you can make! Manage to make the chemical on the card? You get a bonus!

Lab fires burn a slot within your lab notes, but maybe that will work out for you, who knows!
The game ends when the first person fills up their sheet. Tally up all those points and see who’s top of the class!

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