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Ice as far as the eye can see ...
In this frozen world, swept by blizzards, a lone city clings to life.
Every year during the summer season, the City's guilds organize expeditions.
Their destination: the Valley of the Nuuka, where vestiges of an antediluvian civilization might be buried. Looking for answers, prestige or riches, every guild has its own motivations.

Players are archeologists exploring tiles that they can remove. There are 3 levels of tiles in the game. The first one corresponds to the ice sheet level. The second and third represent surface and deep artifact levels. The bottom layer level is the City of Azulia...

I·C·E is a game of Exploration - 3D tile mining - Collection

The goal is to validate Requests and score Decrees from the City to get the highest number of Renown points when the fourth Day is over.

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