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Set in the Harry Potter world, you play as one of the four characters, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger or Ginny Weasley in a race to discover the magical beasts. You will collect clues to track down creatures inside and outside Hogwarts.

The objective is to obtain four cards that corresponds to one beast. Each turn, a player will roll the dice which will correspond to the number of spaces a player moves. When a player lands on a tile that indicates a type of a card (Color, Size, Location or M.O.M Classification), they get to take one card from that pile. The card is then placed facedown. Should you obtain another card of that type, you place the new card on top of the other card. The dice ranges from 2-6 with one of the sides showing a "P". When this side is rolled, the player who rolled it, gets to go to a passage (location space marked with a "P") of his/her choice. All other players not on a "P" are temporarily removed. The game board then shifts and the player who rolled the "P" are able to put the other players on any tile of his/her choosing and can steal one of their cards. First player who obtains all four cards of each type for one magical beasts wins.

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