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Have you ever dreamed of making your freshwater aquarium? Have you ever wondered what fish you would like to keep, or what fish will go well together? Well, in Freshwater Tank, now you can. With 155 fish and 100 incidents, see for yourself what fish you would want to have and how to take care of them while having fun with friends and families; you can even create what type of community tank you would desire. So, do you want a goldfish tank, a tropical fish tank, an aggressive cichlid tank, or any other type? That's up to you to decide.

The goal of the game is to become the first person to create a compatible fish tank with 10 fish, but be careful; there you might lose some of your fish as you play. So what are you waiting? Set up your aquarium.

Players roll a die to move around the board and collect fish or cards when landing on specially marked spaces. Players learn fish facts and aquarium care in a fun board game.

—description from the designer

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