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Faeries & Magical Creatures is a mythical game where you will learn about and collect faeries from five unique folk. Collect faeries, plant gardens, build faerie homes, and be the first mortal to join the faerie realm.

From that midsummer night when you and your great aunt Victoria gazed from the garden gate of her country manor, and saw the will-o-wisp lights blinking near the edge of the forest, the adventure began!

“What are those?” you asked. “Well, those are the faeries, my dear,” she responded as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

From that moment, you knew that in the time remaining in your Summer visit, you HAD to get close to one, to speak to one, to befriend a real faerie.

You had no idea what magical secrets would be revealed to you about the many faerie folk, their homes, and their powers.
And now, weeks later, staring into the foggy entrance to their realm, you wonder if you have the courage to enter…

In Faeries and Magical Creatures you will build your deck by drafting unique Faerie cards with amazing artwork from award-winning artist Annie Stegg-Gerard, gain kinship with the faeries, and build your ultimate faerie garden.

How to Play:
Select one of five actions on your turn (draft a new card, play a card from your hand, redraw up to five cards from your discard pile, select and place a polynomial tile in your faerie garden, or place an influence token in on of the five faerie folk areas. The other players will then follow by playing the same action. Once all players have performed the same action, the acting player marker moves so that the next player can choose an action. You can score many different ways via your cards, area control, and tile placement in your garden.

—description from publisher

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