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Evil Corp.

Evil Corp. overview

We at Evil Corp. have been working for 666 generations to frighten human villages. When it comes to scaring, we're the best!

Every year, we hold a team seminar where each of our managers is tasked with recruiting a team of monsters and competing against their colleagues to prove they're the best at terrorizing humans. Will you have the most terrifying team of the year?

In Evil Corp., the first player — or team when you play 2vs2 — to take control of its second village will be declared the new CEO of the Company, and therefore, winner of the game. To do this, send your troops of monsters to scare the villagers more than your opponent, to the point that their village becomes yours. During your turn, you can perform one action:

Send a monster (a tile) to one of your two adjacent villages.
Recruit a new tile at the monster's job center.
Activate one of your monster powers.

When you have no more available actions or when you choose to do so, you may pass, which ends the round for you.

Depending on where the monsters are placed, they grant you bonuses:

Advance on the Terror track according your monster's strength. Once you reach the bottom of it on your opponent's side, you take control of the village.
Gain Magic Force, which you can use to deal direct damage to an opponent's monster or draw a tile.
Earn gold coins
Seize the Power Stone pawn that gives you the advantage in case of a tie situation in the village.

The order in which you choose to perform your actions will tremendously impact your strategy and the outcome of the game. Good Luck, CEO Pretender!

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