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A Bard Day’s Night

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You and your fellow tight-belted minstrels meet at the Hungry Troubadour Tavern. There is precious little coin to be found here, but there are vegetables galore to fill your empty bellies if you sing for your supper.

A Bard Day’s Night is a 2-4 player card game of bidding, bluffing, and belting out verses. Players are bards brainstorming their next performance for the tavern-goers, while they also fill their pockets with the vegetables that the audience are hurling at them to express their “appreciation” for the performances. When a ballad is completed, players bid their food to claim different parts of the ballad. When the tavern closes for the night, those who performed the most popular themes will find a few coins tossed their way instead of salad ingredients. The bard with the most coins wins, and has to buy the next round!

When playing the game, the bottom of the box also serves as the tavern table, holding extra food cards for those who lose their bids.

-description from graphic designer

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