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Andy Matthews

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Founder of Meeple Mountain and software engineer. Father of 4, husband to 1, lover of games, books, and movies, and all around nice guy. I run Nashville Game Night, and Nashville Tabletop Day.

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Elijah Longwell

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Recruiter by day, board game enthusiast by night. Despite controversy, i’m a firm believer that collecting can be just as fun as playing games. My favorite aspect of the board gaming hobby is its ability to bring people together in a meaningful way.

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Contributing Authors

Jesse Fletcher

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I have loved board games since childhood. Re-discovered modern gaming in 2013 and never looked back. I enjoy stupid, silly fun as much as I do strategy, and aspire to never lose the childlike joy that board gaming provides.

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David McMillan

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IT support specialist by day, Minecrafter by night; I always find time for board gaming. When it comes to games, I prefer the heavier euro-game fare. Uwe Rosenburg is my personal hero with Stefan Feld coming in as a close second.

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Andrew Plassard

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I like big games and I cannot lie, you other gamers can’t deny. That when a euro walks in with a shiny new case and a rule book in my face, I get pumped. Hi I’m Andrew and I like heavy euro games with a side of player interaction when necessary. I think board games are the best way to force me to think in different ways while having fun and hanging out with my friends.

Dave Seiler

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Avid board gamer and running enthusiast. I make board game reviews on and would happy to play a game with you on boardgamearena as Game Fondue. Be warned, I have been told I talk too fast.

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Guest Authors

Nathan Baker

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I’m a developer graduating from Nashville Software School in March 2017, President of Can Can Awards, and that guy that always brings board games to the party. I’m published in NPR,, and elsewhere.

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Aaron Edwards

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I'm a corporate stooge who daydreams of dragons and trading in the Mediterranean. I love my family, Star Wars, hockey, and bringing people to the table.

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Jessi Goodwin

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Hello. My name is Jessi and I’m addicted to boardgames. I’m also a freelance artist, writer, mother, teacher, and animal advocate, who enjoys rollerskating in my (limited) free time.

Dietrich Stogner

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A published author and technical writer, I'm nearly as obsessed with board games as I am terrible at them. In addition to pushing meeples around the board, I also co-host a podcast on books and reading and spend time with my wife and daughters, all of whom are much, much smarter and more attractive than I am.


Jordan Puthenveetil headshot

I am extremely passionate about board gaming and bringing new people into this wonderful and amazing world. I am the president and founder of Belmont University's Board Game Society. Outside of board gaming, I am a filmmaker and content creator, I do stand up comedy, and I love everything from comic books, to videogames, to movies.