Category - Action / Dexterity Board Games

Action/dexterity games require players to utilize their own physical attributes, particularly hand-eye-coordination, to play. Typically players are expected to achieve a precise physical task, often with a time limit. Rules are often light, since the focus is not on strategy but raw ability. Most gamers are familiar with this format because of traditional games such as Tiddlywinks, Crokinole, and Jenga. Modern updates include Pitchcar and Flick ‘Em Up!

Meeple Circus Review header

Meeple Circus – Three Rings of Fun

Meeple Circus puts you on center stage of your own circus experience. Will you thrive and gain the applause of the fans, or will your act fall to pieces on the circus floor? Read our review of Meeple Circus to learn more about...

Go Cuckoo! Review

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a mother bird who has to build a safe and secure nest to keep all of her eggs safe? No? Me neither… Read on to find out why Go Cuckoo was one of our favorite games of Gen Con 2016!