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Floats McGoats

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The game that floats yer goats! A seafaring goat crew was navigating treacherous waters when their boat capsized! The ship broke apart, leaving wood strewn throughout the waves. To save the goats, players must build a raft from the wood. Each player fights to outsmart the others in a quest to get their goats on the raft. But watch out for the shark lurking in the waters... In this captivating game of strategy, it's every wee goat for themself!

SAVE THE GOATS: Build a raft and rescue your shipwrecked goats! Use strategy to oustmart your opponents, but watch out for the SHARK!

STRATEGY BOARD GAME: On your turn, either add a goat to the raft, or roll the 12-sided die and take the action shown. The die has actions including: Add a Raft Stick, Goat Fight, Goat Love, Shark Attack, and other twists.

—description from publisher

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Floats McGoats Game Review

In the vast sea of board games, will a new little bleater buoy the spirits or sink without a trace? Find out in Meeple Mountain’s review of Floats McGoats!

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