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In Everything on 1 Card — Alles auf 1 Karte — players need to complete the colored rows on their cards in order to score points, but they can mark off rows on only one card at a time.

During set-up, each player is dealt two (erasable) cards that have five rows on them, with the rows being 2-6 spaces long; the rows are in five different colors out of the six colors included on the six-sided dice.

On your turn as the active player, you roll the five dice, then re-roll as many dice as you wish up to two more times. After you stop, all players can then use the results of the die roll to mark off empty spaces on one of their two cards — but if you want to use a color rolled on the dice, then you must use all of that color. If the die roll shows three purple, for example, you must cross off exactly three purple spaces; if you can't cross off three, then you cross off zero!

The turn that you complete three or more rows on a card, you score that card, earning points equal to the collective length of the filled rows. You can also earn bonus points for completing one or both rows with sun symbols. You then take a new card from the deck.

The game ends the turn that a player completes their fourth card. Every player then scores for completed rows on their cards (but not sun symbols), then whoever has the most points wins.

Another way to play Everything on 1 Card is to start by choosing three cards from the five you are dealt, shuffling the others back into the deck. When you complete a card, you choose one of three face-up cards as a replacement.

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