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Welcome to the world of dragon racing! A strange racetrack filled with all manner of wondrous and mighty dragons awaits you. Recruit dragons from the racetrack and fire them up to get them racing. The key to your success lies in supplying your racing team with a stream of support from other dragons on the racetrack. In the end only the fastest racer will be victorious!

Dragon Racer is a fast-paced card drafting strategy game that combines card drafting and set collection. Compete for cards to fire up your team of dragons and advance along the racetrack. After seven turns, the player who has gone the farthest wins! You can combine two copies of Dragon Racer to play with up to eight players.

In more detail, each player gets three random level 1 dragon cards and places them face up next to their character to create their racing team. Shuffle the other level 1 and level 2 dragons to create the starting dragon deck. Remove one random upper track tile and one random lower track tile, then place the six remaining upper/lower track tiles colored-side down between the corner tiles.

On each turn, reveal the next face-down racetrack tile and add its associated dragons to the dragon deck. Assign trophy cards to players according to their position in the race. (Skip this step on the first turn.) Deal each player a number of dragon cards (two + the turn number) from the dragon deck. Players simultaneously draft these cards face down until all cards are taken.

One at a time, in reverse trophy order (i.e. last place goes first), players take turns racing. During this phase you reveal all of the cards you drafted, then use them to fire up dragons on your racing team or to attack other players. At the end of the phase you may swap one of the dragon cards you collected with a dragon on your racing team. Finally, the players with the most dragons from each racetrack type are awarded an extra boost, moving them even further along the racetrack.

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