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Race your opponents in this lightning fast, real time, set collection card game. Fight over limited ingredients in the Kitchen. Organize your cook space. Plan ahead by storing ingredients in your Pantry. Compete against other chefs to complete recipes as fast as you can and earn the prestigious Excellence Stars.

There are no turns. All players play at the same time.

Players attempt to complete Recipe cards as quickly as possible using Ingredients taken from the Kitchen. Each player has their own deck of recipes, but the ingredients in the Kitchen are shared. When players complete a Recipe, they set that recipe card along with any ingredients used to complete it aside in a completed pile. Players then reveal a new recipe from their deck.

When a player has no cards left to draw from their Recipe deck, the round ends. Players score one point for each completed Recipe and Ingredient used to complete those recipes (ignoring Sketchy Substitutes). The player with the most points, wins the round and earns a star card. Each star earned increases the difficulty for that player in future rounds.

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