Nashville Tabletop Day is a celebration of board gaming in Middle Tennessee. Nashville Tabletop Day brings together people from all over Nashville and the Southeast to game and have fun in a safe, inviting environment.

This mini-site is designed for use in the days leading up to the event, and the day of the event itself. Please use it as a resource for information about our play to win library, and to see a list of our sponsors.


COVID-19 Policy: Currently Nashville Tabletop Day will be mask-optional. However we will be paying close attention to news from the state and the CDC, and may update or change this prior to the event. It is strongly suggested that attendees be vaccinated before attending.

Admission – Admission to Nashville Tabletop Day is 100% free. We will be selling shirts as an additional ticketed item. Shirts must be purchased in advance, but there may be a small number available for purchase at the event, subject to availability.

Will I need my ticket? – Printed or digital tickets must be shown at the door so that we can check attendees in and keep track of head count.

Food / Drinks – Trevecca may be selling food and drinks, there are also a number of nearby options. Attendees may bring in their own food should they choose.

Children – As with all attendees, our goal is that children and their parents have fun while respecting the enjoyment of others. Children under the age of 10 must always be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian; minors age 10-17 must have a responsible guardian present at all times.

Harassment – Don’t harass the other guests. If you’re being harassed by a guest, please let a staff member know immediately and we will handle it. Our full harassment policy can be found below.

Door Prizes / Giveaways – Door prizes will be given away at 1pm, and 5pm. To be eligible you must provide your mobile phone number when registering, or provide it at the door when checking in. At the appointed time we’ll randomly select checked-in attendees and send them a text message to claim their prize.

Play to Win – Nashville Tabletop Day will have a library of games which are eligible for play to win. The full rules will be posted at the event, but anyone checking out a game (including the group they play it with) is eligible for one entry per checkout. Winners for each game will be pulled from all players of that game throughout the day. Winners do NOT need to be present to win, but must be able to meet in Nashville within 1 week of the event to claim their prize. Here is a complete list of Play to Win titles for this year’s event.

Alcohol / Smoking (vaping) – Alcohol or smoking are not allowed on premises.

Sportsmanship – Don’t be a jerk.

Lost Items/Theft – Nashville Tabletop Day, Meeple Mountain, and Trevecca Nazarene University are not responsible for any lost or stolen property.

Can I bring my own games? – Absolutely! Even with our extensive collection, we’ll never have everything people want to play. Bring your own games to share, or put them in the “do not disturb” area and keep them set aside for your own use.

Who is running this event? – Nashville Tabletop Day is managed by Meeple Mountain, a board game news and reviews website based in Nashville.

Can I volunteer for Nashville Tabletop Day? – You sure can! Sign up to be a volunteer now.

Are you looking for sponsors for Nashville Tabletop Day? – Always. You can find information about sponsoring Nashville Tabletop Day below.

Where else can I game in Nashville? – Meeple Mountain hosts Nashville Game Night on the 3rd Wednesday, and 4th Thursday of every month. A number of other groups host board gaming events as well. You can find out more information on the Meeple Mountain Nashville gaming directory page.

Where should I park? – Trevecca Nazarene University has several lots in and around Jackson Hall.